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Turkcell, a telecommunications powerhouse, embarked on a transformation journey with the aim of distinguishing itself from traditional telecom operators through the effective utilization of digital technology. To communicate this transformation strategy to the public and establish its brand as a prominent “digital operator,” Turkcell’s Corporate Communications team sought strong support from Sunumo for a compelling presentation.

We were excited when the Corporate Communications team approached us with this request, as we had been providing active presentation support and coaching services to Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioğlu for the past three years, witnessing the company’s discourse transformation initiatives at various stages. Once again, we were thrilled to collaborate with Turkcell to craft and present their corporate transformation narrative in an understandable way to the public. Being able to contribute to an exciting partnership with Turkey’s leading telecommunications company was a great opportunity for us.

We started by analyzing the needs together with the Turkcell team and reached a consensus on the approach to be followed. Our goal was to effectively explain a topic that requires expertise in a way that resonates with everyone’s lives, ensuring it is easily understood and memorable in the long run. To achieve this, we decided to focus on storytelling and support it with advanced design trends. The Corporate Communications team, being highly knowledgeable about the subject matter, shared valuable insights during the process of determining the “purpose” and “main idea.” After intense brainstorming sessions, we moved on to the story and design processes.

The presentation titled “The 7th Sense,” delivered by Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioğlu to a large audience, received great acclaim and provided lasting benefits in positioning Turkcell as a “Digital Operator.” The visually aesthetic and high-quality design of the presentation captured attention and placed it among the referenced presentations across various platforms. Terzioğlu’s speech was extensively quoted by media outlets and opinion leaders the following day, allowing the “message” to effectively reach the public as we had aimed for when we set out on this journey.

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