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Mercedes, the legendary brand of the automotive sector with a history of 92 years, approached Sunumo to update and align their existing presentation with current design trends, both in terms of content and design. The company aimed to have a brand-new presentation that truly reflects the essence of Mercedes, which they could use in sales and corporate introduction meetings.

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Mercedes not only represented a powerful technology rooted in the past but also an inspiring design language in the automotive industry. Representing such a strong and iconic brand in “presentation” design posed a challenging experience that was exactly what we aimed for. Our expertise lies in elevating top brands to their peak performance in presentations, and we gladly accepted Mercedes’ collaboration offer. Knowing that an exciting design adventure awaited us, albeit a lengthy one, we set out on the journey with enthusiasm.


Presentation Design



By flexing the brand guidelines, Mercedes allowed for design imagination to roam freely and demonstrated the courage to embrace an extraordinary, new, and different presentation identity. Simultaneously maintaining corporate sophistication while venturing into unconventional design experiments and synthesizing them in a way that wouldn’t overshadow one another required years of accumulated design knowledge and experience. The resulting outcome not only satisfied the expectations of this balanced utilization but also injected a fresh dynamism into the company’s presentation identity.

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